• September 28, 2018
  • By Eurmajesty Roque

Last year, I left something special for something bigger. The new beginning wasn't magical, though. It's not a happy ever after but a battlefield.

I realized that what I've got is a package deal. I got what I wanted but I had to face an endless war. Everyday. Everytime.

Still, I never regret any of this. I don't mind my tiara being stripped away from me. I'm done being a shy little princess who cannot do anything but smile even though her heart is bleeding inside.

This time, I have to be a queen. A queen who, as they say, knows how to build an empire from the same stones that were thrown at her.

But nope, I'm not going to create a kingdom. I am on the process of building something bigger and more important--the best version of me. Fighting. Slaying. Growing.

And when the right time comes for me to wear again a crown, you would be reminded why I was named Eurmajesty.

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