Your phone rings, signaling you to start your day.

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. You turn off the alarm. But instead of yawning, you take a deep breath and sigh.

It’s another day to face, another battle to fight, and you just can’t seem to find the strength to combat this war. It happens every single day for the past weeks, months or even years. And you’re tired.

You’re tired to wake up each day without having the energy to move on to a brand-new day. It’s like you wake up not being recharged for the past hours of lying in your bed and you feel like almost all of your strength has been drained, instead.

You wake up, prepare yourself, do your day-to-day responsibilities, and go back to bed feeling empty. Again.

And you wonder what makes you feel this way. You have your family to support you. You have friends to laugh with. You are dearly loved by your partner. You’re doing good in school or you are starting to be financially stable.

Yet, you’re not happy. It’s as if there’s a hole inside you that needs to be filled.

Sometimes, you feel like there’s a voice saying you’re not good enough and you’ll never be. Then, day by day, as you listen to that growing voice of insecurities and anxieties, that hole becomes bigger and bigger. Until one day, as you open your eyes, you can no longer feel your heart.

It’s beating, yes, but not the same way as it used to be.

As you become more anxious to physical pains—chest pain, heart palpitations, headaches, weakening legs, dizziness, neck tension, shortness of breath and tense muscles—you focused more on your weakness, mistakes and fears.

You smile to every compliment, recognition and good news you receive but all those things are easily forgotten with every small disappointment, drawback and stumbling block you get.

Your heart continues to beat but you no longer have the heart to continue the fight against the monsters in your head. You’re getting more and more exhausted every day that you just want to bail out from this world.

But please, before you take those pills of medicine from the drawer, or look for a rope, or get a knife from the kitchen or have your gun ready to end the pain, imagine these scenarios:

Your mom, exhausted from hours of labor, smiled at the first sight of your tiny fragile body as she promised that you would be her world until the day she dies. Your dad, teary-eyed, looked at you with relief and pride and said, “He looks like me, honey.” Your brother smiled from ear to ear for getting his favorite superhero toy as your Christmas gift. Your sister hugged you so tight after protecting her against school bullies. Your grandmother excitedly received you when you visit her one summer day. Your friends laughed so hard with your silly jokes and crazy anecdotes. Your special someone greeted you with love and sweetness in your 10th anniversary. You have been overwhelmed with joy for hearing your baby say “Mama” for the first time.

Then you suddenly quit.

What would happen next?

Your parents would spend the rest of their life with regrets and grief, thinking they have not given you enough love to survive this cruel world. The rest of your family would live with “what ifs”. Your special someone would surely blame himself or herself for your untimely demise. And have you ever think what would happen to your kids?

Your choice would never take away your pains. It would just simply pass them to those who loved you dearly.

So when all those motivational quotes, inspiring stories or relaxing music are no longer enough to spark your optimism, start to look around you.

You have been receiving so much love since Day 1 and that is one strong reason to get up, prepare yourself, accomplish your everyday activities and continue to be inspired. Lots of people are willing to lend ears and shoulders for your story.

So keep going, keep dreaming, keep fighting.

Sure, there are millions of sources of light in the world but for the people who love you so much, it would never be the same with your light switched off permanently.

Let your light shine for the world to see.

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