Break up with him

Break up with him if you have to stalk on him on social media every hour. If you want to know where he had been and who was with him last night or last week, there’s no need to check his timeline and his friends’. You already know about it because he have told you in advance, right?

Break up with him if you have to open his Facebook account without his knowledge. He entrusted you with the passcode but learn the meaning of privacy. Not because you’re together does not mean he no longer has his personal space.

Break up with him if you have to ask him about every photo of other girls he liked on Instagram. There’s nothing wrong with him acknowledging the beauty, happiness and stuff of the people around him.

Break up with him if you could not allow him to meet his friends once in a while. Some bottles of beer or a few hours playing DOTA with his friends won’t hurt. After all, there are things friendship can provide him that romantic relationship cannot.

Break up with him if you don’t want him overstaying at work. He’s at work. He’s working. Nothing else.

Break up with him if you cannot focus when he’s away and there are so many negative things running inside your head. We all worry about our loved ones getting into trouble or accident but it’s not right if you worry about something else.

Yes, he might have broken your trust once or twice before that’s why you can no longer give him your full confidence. Or maybe he never cheated on you but he’s so perfect for you that  you’re just so afraid to lose him.

But here’s the deal:
You can’t truly love someone without trust.

Relationships have some fights, problems and jealousy. But your role in your relationship is to be his partner. Not a detective who will follow his every move when he’s not around.

Remember, if a guy wants to cheat on you, he’ll definitely do no matter how hard you try to stop him.

So break up with him now or remain unhappy in a relationship full of doubts.

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